Hydraulic suppliers and resellers

Proven performance, reliability and power.

Hydraulic suppliers, resellers and retailers enjoy stocking and selling Motus rams because of the quality of the product and the proven performance, reliability and power. The quality of our rams adds to your reputation as a reseller if your customers know they’re getting the best products and parts.
With fast delivery and our easy track and trace system for replacement cylinders or parts, our resellers are never short of stock.
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Huge range of cylinders and parts

Over the years, we have developed a wide range of cylinders to suit specific applications. We now carry four ranges of cylinders as off-the-shelf stock which include over 150 different models. We also carry a huge range of parts and accessories.

Brand reputation

As we’ve been building cylinders since 1963, the Motus brand is well known for quality and reliability. Many of the rams we built back in the 1960s are still in use today. As a reseller, that helps you make sales.

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